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Andrea Steping
2177 Davis Place.
Palm Harbor, FL 33623
(727) 555-2121

e-mail: someone@aol.com


March 30, 2009


Widgets, Inc.
Attn: Sean Wilding
4002 Staten Blvd. Suite 107
Ease Meadow, NY 11554


Dear Sean,

I am currently seeking a position working from home performing data entry type duties. If you are interested in my qualifications, and a position becomes available that can be filled by someone with my skills, please contact me at the address, phone number, or e-mail address shown above.

I have a home office equipped with a Pentium speed personal computer, a printer, a scanner, and an assortment of computer software. I also have a high speed Internet connection.

Working from home enables me to focus on my job duties in the productive atmosphere of my home office while at the same time cutting down on my travel time and cost. If my skills would be considered an asset to your company I would be interested in communicating with you further about possible employment.

Thank you for your consideration.



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